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We've come together — from Facebook to non-profits, Ivy Leagues to state schools, California to Louisiana — with one single mission:

Help you get the job you deserve.

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Our Story

We've started and sold companies, babysat screaming toddlers, mucked horse stalls, taste-tested questionable meat products — even tended honeybees (and got stung, a lot).

We understand the job search, having interviewed thousands of job applicants and applied to many jobs ourselves.

It sucks, doesn't it? (Let's not beat around the bush.)

But, after decades of experience in everything from technology to education to non-profit, we also learned it doesn't have to.

(We've done a few cool things.)

Our Mission

Growing up in a rough neighborhood of Los Angeles, I struggled as a teenager. Today, many of my closest friends are people who've overcome awe-inspiring odds.

The only reason we made it — when so many others didn't — was because we had someone in our corner.

Today, nearly half of all 20-somethings are under-employed. People don't even get a (real, honest) chance anymore.

That's not something I can live with. This is personal. And that's why I've made it my mission to help people get the opportunities they deserve.

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Kushal Chakrabarti

Co-Founder & CEO, TalentWorks

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TalentWorks can help you get the job you deserve through fancy math & great mentors.

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(34 different ways we can help,
and counting...)