Automate Your Job Search

ApplicationAssistant finds, researches and applies to every job for you — all based on your interests and qualifications. This changes everything.


Each morning, you get 25 fresh new job postings, curated just for you.


You reject any employers & jobs you don't like.


We handle the rest: application forms, cover letters, interview prep & more.



  • Full-Featured Application
    Tracking & Management
  • Advanced JobScout
  • Personalized HiringPlan
  • 10 1-Click Applications
    Each Week
  • Personalized Resume

100% Response Guarantee-

$5 per week



  • Full-Featured Application
    Tracking & Management
  • Advanced JobScout
  • Personalized HiringPlan
  • Unlimited 1-Click
  • Personalized Resume
  • Unlimited Interview
  • 1 Mock Interview
    Each Month
  • 1 Premium Report
    Each Month
  • Dedicated, Personal

100% Response Guarantee

100% Interview Guarantee

$10 per week

100% Response Guarantee

What does fancy math get you? A guaranteed response from employers. We're so confident about our track record, we'll guarantee you'll get a response. No more resume black-hole.

We'll refund your entire subscription, no questions asked, if you don't get any responses with ApplicationAssistant after 60 days. It's as simple as that.

100% Interview Guarantee

Want to level up? Using advanced AI (think Siri), we'll identify jobs where you have a competitive advantage, optimize your resume using industry counter-intel & much more — in short, you'll get guaranteed job interviews.

If you don't get any job interviews with ApplicationAssistant after 60 days, we'll refund your entire subscription. Zero fine print.

How's That Possible?

Employers have been using advanced tools for decades to evaluate & manage applicants. We're flipping their advantage against them. By using fancy math & advanced software, we can put those same tools to work for you.

Tracking & Management

Use our automatic tracking tools to instantly track & manage all of your applications from one place.

No more data entry. No more dropped balls.

Advanced JobScout

Instantly know whenever a new job gets posted meeting your location, salary & role criteria.

Be the first to apply to every job. Get a head start on everyone.

Personalized HiringPlan

Find out exactly what it'll take to land the job you want. Get the week-by-week plan to help you make it happen.

Why stay out in the cold?

1-Click Applications

Sick of filling out the same form over & over again? Us too.

ApplicationAssistant learns, remembers & re-uses your answers so you don't have to keep saying the same thing.

Interview Cheatsheets

Get your personalized Interview Cheatsheet: common questions, gotchas, bad answers & more.

Don't lose your job after all your hard work. Learn from everyone who came before you.

Mock Interviews

Practice 1:1 interviews and get immediate feedback from real recruiters & hiring managers.

Don't use your real interview as your practice run. Learn the ropes with us first.

Your Dedicated, Personal TalentAdvocate

Finding a job shouldn't be so hard. Do you want someone who's on your side? Your TalentAdvocate's job is to help you get the job you want.

Real-World Hiring ManagersExperienced NegotiatorsMatched To Your Goals
90% Of Users Get JobsWorks For You (Not Employer)50+ Years of Industry Experience

Discover what you can achieve when you have someone on your side.

Match With TalentAdvocate

I'm on interview #3 with a company that TalentWorks found for me! As soon as I signed up, good things started happening.




Seattle, WA

Between signing-up with TalentWorks and getting a job offer, it was just 3 weeks!


Project Management


Tampa, FL

TalentWorks blew my mind in the first week! After two months, I came out with multiple job offers and over a dozen interviews.


Software Development


San Jose, CA

TalentWorks showed me 100s of opportunities I would never have considered. The job I accepted came through them on the first weekend!




Atlanta, GA

Your mock interview was nearly word for word in the actual interview. Thank you so much — TalentWorks is great!


Business Operations


Chicago, IL

Thank you so, so much for being my backbone during this whole job search process. You've been so relentlessly patient, encouraging and supportive the whole way through.


Public Relations


Springfield, MA

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question we didn't answer? Email us at We'll be right on it.

There isn't one. Honest. Cross our hearts (though we don't really want to die).

We're passionate, mission-driven entrepreneurs who care about building something meaningful.

Anytime. We recommend weekly.

If you want to be a commercial whale harpooner in Ohio, you might have a problem.

We do everything we can to find the best jobs for you every day, but sometimes there just aren't any jobs that match what you want. If we can't find any jobs for you for a few days straight, we'll email you and suggest some changes to your search criteria.

It's never easy being the new kid on the block. Starting from scratch means earning your trust.

We're backed by some of the first investors from Airbnb, Uber & Fitbit and executives from Amazon, Facebook & Google. We've done a few cool things ourselves too, from starting successful tech startups to award-winning non-profits. We hope our 100% guarantees help our product speak for itself.

It's pretty simple, really.

After you sign up and tell us what you want, our diligent little robotic minions get to work. Every day, they do their best to try to identify 25 fresh new job postings that meet your criteria.

If you follow our advice and do your reasonable best, we're pretty certain we can get you a job interview in a few weeks.

If you followed our advice and did your reasonable best but still didn't get an interview after 60 days, we'll refund you the entire cost of your subscription. We're here to help you.

Basically, it's the same. Except for one thing.

We'll refund you the cost of your subscription if you don't get a response from a hiring manager after 60 days.

Yes. Just email us at or suspend your membership within the settings page.