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TalentWorks helps you get the job you deserve through fancy math & great mentors.

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We optimize your resume with advanced AI so you get more interviews. Learn more.

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We instantly match you with jobs that match your interests and qualifications. Learn more.

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We automatically apply to jobs you want with 1 click.
 Learn more.

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You get 24/7 mentorship from an experienced hiring manager. Learn more.

Optimize Your Resume with Advanced AI

You’re kicking butt. You rank in the top 7% of ResumeScore and your job at FedEx is especially impressive.

Optimize Your Resume

Every job search starts with a strong resume. Is your resume in the best possible shape?

Did you know? 98% of resumes are never even seen by a human being!

With ResumeOptimizer and ResumeScore, you can:

Optimize your resume with advanced AI built from 20+ million jobs & 100,000+ resumes.

— See your strengths & weaknesses compared to 100,000+ other job applicants.

Instantly Find Jobs Matching Your Interests

You'll never get the job you deserve if you don't apply for it. Do you know what jobs you actually qualify for?

Did you know? 85% of women don't apply to jobs they're equally qualified for as men.

Every morning, your personal ApplicationAssistant will:

Email you 5 fresh job postings, curated just for you based on your qualifications, from the new 100,000+ jobs posted in the last day.

Research & annotate every job posting based on your interests & goals.

Automatically Apply to Jobs You Want

It's a fast-moving, dog-eat-dog world out there. How quickly can you apply to new jobs?

Did you know? Your chances of getting a job drop by 50% if you don't apply in the first 72 hours.

As soon as you give us the go-ahead, your personal ApplicationAssistant will:

Write your job application, so you don't waste time filling out the same form over and over again

Begin applying for you, so you can get to the front of the line before everyone else.

Get 24/7 Mentorship from Hiring Managers

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TalentAdvocates available in 3 cities and 17 industry groups. Match with your TalentAdvocate today.

Setup TalentAdvocate

Let's be honest — looking for a job sucks. But, with the right support, it doesn't have to. Do you have a good career mentor who gets it?

Did you know? Most applicants face a depressing 2-month trough of sorrow.

Your dedicated TalentAdvocate is an experienced hiring manager, who can:

Provide in-depth resume editing, improving response rates from employers.

Simplify confusing job applications, interview preparation, salary negotiations & more.

— Be more confident, knowing you have 24/7 access to support & mentorship.

We stand behind everything we do with The TalentWorks Promise.

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