Here's our list of the top 123 job shortages in the country, sorted by Delight, our measure of how easy the job search should be for the average job-seeker. Learn more.

#RoleMonthly Demand (#)Unmet Demand (%)Delight (#)Salary
1Lawyers in Washington, DC47014.4%9.7$154,280
2Accountants in Seattle, WA46018.6%9.3$70,140
3Marketing Managers in San Francisco, CA50011.2%9.3$149,750
4Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA8307.6%9.2$113,000
5Accountants in Boston, MA74012.4%9.1$77,260
6Software Developers in San Francisco, CA1,3806.0%9.0$120,910
7Social Services Specialists in New York, NY70018.3%8.8$37,670
8Accountants in San Francisco, CA72010.8%8.8$80,880
9Software Developers in Austin, TX6808.3%8.7$99,090
10Social Services Specialists in San Francisco, CA72016.3%8.6$38,680
11Software Developers in New York, NY7807.1%8.5$94,700
12Project Managers in San Francisco, CA4908.2%8.5$135,740
13Registered Nurses in Seattle, WA8208.0%8.4$80,860
14Lawyers in San Francisco, CA5206.7%8.3$148,910
15Marketing Specialists in Dallas, TX41012.7%8.2$69,680
16Project Managers in Washington, DC28010.6%8.2$127,080
17Project Managers in Seattle, WA3808.3%8.2$110,960
18Registered Nurses in Colorado Springs, CO38011.6%8.1$65,770
19Registered Nurses in Philadelphia, PA24015.6%8.1$76,730
20Marketing Specialists in Boston, MA40010.4%7.8$69,220
21Customer Service Representatives in Seattle, WA70012.0%7.8$36,410
22Property Managers in Minneapolis, MN29013.7%7.7$57,850
23Counselors in Portland, OR6908.5%7.6$46,380
24Licensed Nurses in Providence, RI27016.4%7.6$54,070
25Miscellaneous Instructors in New York, NY63012.6%7.6$31,860
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