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We stand behind everything we do with
 The TalentWorks Promise.

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Kendrick tang

Kendrick Tang

University of Washington

"Life is good! I spoke with my TalentAdvocate yesterday and almost immediately afterwards got a full-time offer from UW!"

Cassandra castelant

Cassandra Castelant

Baruch College

"ApplicationAssistant is amazing! At first, I wasn't sure about the cost. But after seeing all the features, I know it'll be a great investment."

Munieshwar ramdass

Munieshwar Ramdass

New York University

"I could've sworn I was talking to my TalentAdvocate for my Facebook interview. The guy sounded just like him! The interview was nearly perfect."

Vivian lee

Vivian Lee

Mount Holyoke College

“It’s always a pleasure to talk with my TalentAdvocate. TalentWorks is so thoughtful and generous, and have been so supportive in my job search process. They’re the best!”

The TalentWorks Promise

We promise to do everything possible to help you get the job you deserve.

Why? Because you represent the people we love — our family, our friends, our past selves. We wouldn't be where we are today without someone in our corner.

We want to be that someone for you. We promise to do everything possible to help you achieve your hopes & dreams.

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The kush

Kushal Chakrabarti

Co-Founder & CEO, TalentWorks

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TalentWorks can help you get the job you deserve through fancy math & great mentors.

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