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From Seattle to Reddit to Pulitzer-Prize winning columnists, TalentWorks has been making waves. Even before TalentWorks, our founding team has done everything from tending bees ("buzz," get it?) to being named Social Entrepreneur of the Year to speaking at TED.

For $70, This AI Job Platform Promises It Can Land You An Interview In 60 Days

"No, there’s nothing wrong with you," Kushal Chakrabarti, cofounder and CEO of TalentWorks, an AI platform for job seekers, tells job seekers. "It’s miserable for everyone. The U.S. economy is adding jobs, but it's still a serious pain in the ass for any single American job seeker to actually get a job," he says.

Whatever Your Job Specialty, Some City Needs You, Right Away

Regional disparities in the U.S. job market have always fascinated me. To pick an obvious example, rural Wisconsin is a great place to be a dairy farmer, but a bleak home for bond traders. In New York City, hiring habits run the other way.

Software helps Beaverton woman overcome ghosters and job application fatigue.

For all the talk of unemployment hovering at a historic low of 4 percent, it's still hard to get a decent job in 2017 — especially if you are a recent graduate (last two years) or aged under 25.

The Cost of Cutting in Line: Students Can Now Buy Their Way to a Job Interview

How much would you pay to score a job interview? $10? $950? In desperate times, that's apparently the price range in the market for these services, which involve commodifying age-old job seeking practices: networking and mentoring.

Uber, Instagram, Fitbit investors put $2.4M behind job interview matching platform TalentWorks

It can be difficult to find a job that matches your interests and qualifications, particularly just after graduating from college or university. Now a new startup, led by former Amazon engineering leader and Vittana founder Kushal Chakrabarti, wants to make that process easier with an end-to-end AI-fueled platform that helps job applicants land interviews.

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