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From Seattle to Reddit to Pulitzer-Prize winning columnists, TalentWorks has been making waves. Even before TalentWorks, our founding team has done everything from tending bees ("buzz," get it?) to being named Social Entrepreneur of the Year to speaking at TED.

Looking for an entry-level job? You’ll need three years’ experience

For entry-level jobseekers, the options in the waters they are forced to swim in are decreasing every year. In fact, after analysing a random sample of almost 100,000 jobs, recruitment search group TalentWorks discovered that 61pc of all full-time ‘entry-level’ jobs require more than three years of experience.

Best Times and Days to Submit Your Résumé and Job Application

Applying on a Monday increases your hiring chances by 46 percent, according to an analysis of more than 4,000 applications by TalentWorks.

Employers Seeking To 'Try Before They Buy' Will Change Career Paths For College Grads

A recent analysis of over 95,000 job postings by job-matching software firm TalentWorks revealed how difficult it can be for newly minted grads to find an entry-level job. The research found that 61 percent of all full-time jobs seeking entry-level employees required at least three years or more of experience.

Facebook is going back to college

Employers are so frustrated that they no longer believe that new grads are qualified for digital jobs; according to a recent survey of more than 95,000 job postings by TalentWorks, 61 percent of positions that say they’re seeking entry-level employees now specify at least three years or more of relevant work experience.

How to nail an interview with a chatbot

Recruiters must sort through many resumes for any given job opening. The numbers vary depending on the company and the job, but this TalentWorks blog post says that the company has never received fewer than 90 applications for any job posted online. And the post offers an interesting breakdown of how candidates for a recent marketing job were chosen.

Your Next Recruiter Could Be an Algorithm

Another company, TalentWorks, scours online job postings to identify full-time opportunities that match users' qualifications and interests, delivering about 25 each day per person. It draws on statistical analysis to "optimize" job seekers' resumes, recommending they delete objective statements, leave off work experience that lasted less than six months and hide their graduation years if they're older than 35.

The Top 10 words men use on resumes versus women are shockingly different

Women and men do speak differently in their everyday vernacular (women also speak about 13,000 words more than men on average per day.) And on their resumes, women also tend to use more “team player language” which TalentWorks says is something you DON’T want to include. They analyzed more than 4,000 job applicants and job applications and found that using words like “collaborated” and “assist” need to be left off the resume.

How Side Hustles Can Keep Workers A Step Ahead Of Automation

Part-time gig work has allowed many to gain crucial experience before losing a job, making occupational transitions smoother and, at times, more lucrative.

Why you're more likely to get hired at companies with fewer than 500 employees

Large companies like Amazon and Google top the lists of employers that young professionals want to work for. But if getting hired is your goal, you'll have have better chances at small and mid-size companies, according to a survey by job site TalentWorks.

Leaving a job in the first 15 months is like erasing years of experience from your resume

Workplace experts seem to have differing opinions when it comes to leaving your job early in your tenure. Some say that short stints at a company no longer reflect poorly, while others advise that you hold a job for at least one year to show a sense of commitment. According to a survey by job site TalentWorks, even one year may not be enough.

How to get hired for your first job when you don’t have any experience

You’ve done the work, taken the finals and donned the graduation cap — now it’s time to put those skills to work and get a job. But what do you do when all the entry-level jobs you want require experience and you don’t have any yet?

How the gig economy could help close the skills gap

According to the company’s analysis, five or more years of experience would boost wages by about 50%, or an amount that would offset the loss many workers will otherwise experience from displacement. TalentWorks found that 61% of “entry-level” jobs require at least three years of experience, confirming the paradox that displaced workers often find themselves, as they are caught in a Catch-22 of needing job experience to get a job.

Why you're more likely to get hired at companies with fewer than 500 employees

Large companies like Amazon and Google top the lists of employers that young professionals want to work for. But if getting hired is your goal, you'll have have better chances at small and mid-size companies, according to a survey by job site TalentWorks.

Here’s Exactly What To Put On Your Resume To Land An Interview

Maybe getting another college degree or adding an internship isn’t the best way to land a job. Perhaps you just need to update your resume with a few stats and key words. Over the past few months TalentWorks has tracked 4,068 job seekers across 541 distinct locations and industries to determine the resume factors that had the greatest impact in landing an interview.

Science Says 'Team Players' Don't Get Hired (Here's the Surprising Data)

All the folks who tell you to say you're a 'team player' are dead wrong. Here's why...The folks behind TalentWorks figured this out recently when they analyzed more than 4,000 job applicants and job applications that had been submitted through their site.

Career advice 2018: Avoid this one phrase on your resume if you want to get a job interview

Bosses say they want to hire team players. Or at least, 78% of them say that they do, according to a recent survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers...Strangely enough, the opposite is likely true: Resumes that emphasize your skill as a “team player” were about 50% less likely to get candidates an interview, in a new analysis of more than 4,000 resumes from the hiring website TalentWorks.

Job Site Finds Women 48 Percent More Likely To Get Hired Than Men

A job site found Monday that women are 48 percent more likely to get hired than men. TalentWorks, a site specializing in mentoring and matching applicants to jobs, reported the statistic after analyzing over 4,000 job applications. The site also laid out 10 tips, such as using buzzwords, applying on Mondays instead of Fridays, and not listing oneself as a “team player” to improve employment prospects.

Houston jobs that are in high demand following Hurricane Harvey

"It's hard to know how long these surges will last, but what we do know is that if you're a Houstonian looking for work, it's absolutely critical you apply quickly — your chances of getting a job drop by eight times if you don't apply in the first four days," Chakrabarti told Monday afternoon.

The time of day you apply for jobs could be the reason you're not getting interviews

According to an analysis of over 1,600 job applications from TalentWorks, applications received at 7:30 p.m. were the least likely to result in an interview — a slim 3% chance. In fact, applications sent anytime after 4 p.m. had a 5% or less likelihood of leading to a call-back.

Research: It’s much better to apply for a job before 10 a.m.

Turns out that applying to a job is only half the battle — the moment at which you hit “submit” can be the difference between getting called in for an interview and muttering to yourself, better luck next time.

This Graph Shows You the Best Time of Day to Apply for a Job

Employment platform TalentWorks, which helps candidates find and apply for jobs, analyzed roughly 1,600 applications it sent on behalf of jobseekers in recent months, and whether timing correlated to their chances of snagging an interview.

Applying for a job? If it’s past 10 a.m., you’re better off waiting, study says

Here’s a quick hint for job seekers from the career site Talentworks – don’t sleep on those applications.

For $70, This AI Job Platform Promises It Can Land You An Interview In 60 Days

"No, there’s nothing wrong with you," Kushal Chakrabarti, cofounder and CEO of TalentWorks, an AI platform for job seekers, tells job seekers. "It’s miserable for everyone. The U.S. economy is adding jobs, but it's still a serious pain in the ass for any single American job seeker to actually get a job," he says.

Whatever Your Job Specialty, Some City Needs You, Right Away

Regional disparities in the U.S. job market have always fascinated me. To pick an obvious example, rural Wisconsin is a great place to be a dairy farmer, but a bleak home for bond traders. In New York City, hiring habits run the other way.

Software helps Beaverton woman overcome ghosters and job application fatigue.

For all the talk of unemployment hovering at a historic low of 4 percent, it's still hard to get a decent job in 2017 — especially if you are a recent graduate (last two years) or aged under 25.

The Cost of Cutting in Line: Students Can Now Buy Their Way to a Job Interview

How much would you pay to score a job interview? $10? $950? In desperate times, that's apparently the price range in the market for these services, which involve commodifying age-old job seeking practices: networking and mentoring.

Uber, Instagram, Fitbit investors put $2.4M behind job interview matching platform TalentWorks

It can be difficult to find a job that matches your interests and qualifications, particularly just after graduating from college or university. Now a new startup, led by former Amazon engineering leader and Vittana founder Kushal Chakrabarti, wants to make that process easier with an end-to-end AI-fueled platform that helps job applicants land interviews.

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