We started TalentWorks with the mission of helping everyday Americans get the jobs they deserve. Since then, we’ve helped over 300,000 people with their job search, proven a 90% success rate, published the massively viral, ground-breaking Science of the Job Search series (1M+ readers), and much, much more. Our work has been covered in everything from Fast Company to Daily Caller to TIME. I’m incredibly proud of the team and everything we’ve accomplished.

Our customers — you all! — were the reason we got up every day. Let’s be honest: searching for a job sucks. Our amazing TalentAdvocates were the “relentlessly patient, encouraging and supportive backbone” for frustrated job-seekers. Our automated job matching and applications saved busy job-seekers hundreds of hours. And our ground-breaking resume research and job tips helped level the playing field and increased everyday job-seekers’ hireability by +580%. The job search might not be fun, but we at least made it a little less painful and less confusing for people.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Although we built a good product (and got rave reviews), we weren’t ever able to stabilize our marketing channels. Some weeks, thousands of people would sign up; other weeks, hundreds. We brought in outside help — top consultants referred to us by industry leaders — to diagnose the root cause, but they also couldn’t figure it out. Given the economics of tech startups, that’s a problem we couldn’t get past.

As a result, we made the difficult decision to shut down TalentWorks.

We feel honored to have been asked to be part of so many folks’ job search: from helping recent grads find their first job to ex-factory workers making a mid-career change to moms re-joining the workforce after a baby, each and every one was special and important.

Even in the past 24 hours since we announced our shutdown, we’ve been overwhelmed by the personal notes that people have been sending us, thanking us for our service. A few snippets:

I’m sad to hear you are shutting down TalentWorks. I signed up last year and had a new job within two weeks, at a company I had never even heard of before TalentWorks applied for me. It’s been my best job so far, and I can’t thank you and the TalentWorks team enough!

— Taylor

P.S. For whatever it’s worth, your assistance made a huge impact on my career. I greatly appreciate all that you do and I’m so disappointed to see you go!

— Abby

Thank you and your team for all your support. I greatly appreciate you and your wonderful team, your remarkable vision, and your zeal to help people, like me, thrive.

— George

Although I’m obviously deeply disappointed we couldn’t help even more, we appreciate the opportunity you gave us to help so many. Thank you. And to those we didn’t get a chance to help, I’m sorry we couldn’t do more and good luck.

Onward and upward,

Kushal Chakrabarti

Founder and CEO, TalentWorks